Corporate Insight, NYC

The Project

Corporate Insight is a successful business in NYC that provides UX research services to multiple industries including banking, insurance, healthcare and more. They had outgrown their website and needed someone to manage a rebuild project that included multiple stakeholders.


Project Management & Execution

Leading an in-house project

Other Details

Corporate Insight has a team of over 60 technical, research writers. These writers can create a large amount of content that over several years can lead to a hefty library. Two things had become problematic. Without a strong plan for information architecture, the site had become difficult to navigate and without a strong SEO plan, Google couldn’t decide what the site was about. This resulted in very low quality traffic.

Our project plan prioritized architecture, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and conversion optimization. 

The project has been a resounding success and we continue to monitor and adjust our content strategy.


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